Fluid Pumping SERVICES

Legend Energy Services provides industrial pumps to support completion operations. Our fleet of pumping equipment consists of 1,200 HP triplex and 2,000 HP quintuplex double fluid pumps, all of which have data acquisition systems. 


All of Legend Energy Services’ personnel attend an intensive one-week CORE Training before they are dispatched to the field. During the CORE Training, all employees complete PEC SafeLandUSA, First Aid, CPR, DOT, forklift, well-site setup and software training. All supervisors are IADC well-control certified. Legend’s training program builds upon the experience our operators and supervisors already possess and instills the culture of safety at Legend Energy Services.


Legend Energy Services’ fleet consists of 1,200 HP triplex and 2,000 HP quintuplex double fluid pumps. All of Legend’s fluid pumps have data acquisition systems. We employ industry best practices to maintain our equipment with the goal of 0 percent NPT. Legend Energy Services currently offers the following fluid pumping equipment:

  • 1,200 HP Double Triplex Fluid Pumps
  • 2,000 HP Double Quintuplex Pumps

Engineering and Technology

Legend Energy Services operates at the forefront of engineering and technology in the completion industry. Our engineering team has the capability to model jobs and design well-specific plans to ensure our customers’ goals are met.


  • Coiled Tubing Support
  • Workover Rig Support
  • Pressure Tests
  • Pump Downs
  • Holding Backside Pressure