Legend Energy Services provides nitrogen services to support both midstream and upstream operations. Our nitrogen pumping services and equipment include three types of pumps and two types of nitrogen transport units that were designed to meet the needs of midstream and upstream operations.


All of Legend Energy Services’ personnel attend an intensive one-week CORE Training before they are dispatched to the field. During the CORE Training, all employees complete PEC SafeLandUSA, First Aid, CPR, DOT, forklift, well-site setup and software training. All supervisors are IADC well-control certified. Legend’s training program builds upon the experience our operators and supervisors already possess and instills the culture of safety at Legend Energy Services.


All of Legend Energy Services’ nitrogen pumping and transport units were designed to meet the specific demands of midstream and upstream operators today. All of Legend’s nitrogen pumps have data acquisition systems installed for post-job reporting. We employ industry best practices to maintain our equipment with the goal of 0 percent NPT. Legend Energy Services currently offers the following nitrogen equipment:

  • 180,000 scf/hr Body Load Nitrogen Pumps
  • 270,000 scf/hr Body Load Nitrogen Pumps
  • 1,000,000 scf/hr Fired Trailer Nitrogen Pumps
  • 7,200 Gallon Nitrogen Transports
  • 23,000 Gallon Mobile Queen Nitrogen Transports

Engineering and Technology

Legend Energy Services operates at the forefront of engineering and technology in the nitrogen industry. Our engineering team has the capability to model jobs and design specific plans to ensure our customers’ goals are met on both midstream and upstream projects.


  • Midstream, Downstream and Industrial Nitrogen
  • Purging and Pigging Plants and Pipelines
  • Pipe Freeze Jobs
  • Pressure-Testing Plants, Pipelines, Railcars and Caverns
  • Heating and Drying Plant Reactors
  • Cooling Plant Reactors for Catalyst Change
  • Upstream
  • Jetting
  • Foam Washing
  • Lost Circulation Control
  • Coiled Tubing Reel Purges
  • Cement Squeeze Jobs
  • Nitrogen Fracs