Hydraulic Fracturing SERVICES

Legend Energy Services provides hydraulic fracturing services for complex, unconventional wells as well as legacy conventional wells. Legend combines industry-leading expertise with state-of-the-art technology and superior service to make us a leader in our industry.


All of Legend Energy Services’ personnel attend an intensive one-week CORE Training before they are dispatched to the field. During the CORE Training, all employees complete PEC SafeLandUSA, First Aid, CPR, DOT, forklift, well-site setup and software training. Legend’s training program builds upon the experience our operators and supervisors already possess and instills the culture of safety at Legend Energy Services.

Engineering and Technology

Legend Energy Services provides full job planning services with FracPro engineering software. Legend also provides real-time viewing and post-job analysis of job data via our proprietary LegendLive platform.

LegendLive is an adaptable platform to gather data on location from other service providers as well as data from our customers’ offset wells